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Avantis Nexus 2000
CD-ROM Server.

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Nexus 2000 Multimedia CD Networking - The Enterprise CD/DVD Server
In today's information society, CD-ROM has become the distribution media of choice, particularly for multimedia publications.  So that the people in your organisation can access this CD-ROM information, you need a local server that has been designed, from the ground up, to cope with the demanding nature of multimedia delivery.

To achieve this Avantis has developed a range of inspired "Server Appliance" solutions called CDserve+ and Nexus2000.  These provide access to CD-ROM and DVD information by using images of CDs stored on fast hard disk drives.  This approach, pioneered by Avantis, provides superb levels of performance, concurrency and reliability, allowing many users to access the CDs simultaneously.

Avantis servers attach directly to the network and operate independently of other network servers.  Unlike optical CD-ROM drives, Towers and Jukeboxes, the technology does not suffer from capacity limitations and mechanical or optical failures.

Uniquely, Avantis Multimedia Network Server solutions support ALL formats of CD-ROM including CD-ROM, Audio-CD, Video and even CDs that cannot normally be networked or copied.

The Avantis client software creates virtual CD-ROM drives which present the user with additional local CD-ROM drives in 'My Computer'.   The 'CDserve Explorer' software allows the user to 'drag and drop' CD-ROM titles to the virtual CD-ROM drives, just like popping a CD into a drive.

nxs2000_Logo.jpg (4134 bytes)More About the Nexus 2000
The Avantis Nexus 2000 CD-ROM Server is an ultra high performance network CD-ROM solution providing high speed access to CD-ROMs for every workstation on a network. It connects directly to network cabling in the same way as a workstation, and can be controlled remotely via the network from a single workstation.

CD-ROMs are loaded to the Nexus 2000 server either over the network from a CD-ROM drive in the administrator's workstation, or directly within the server from the the Direct Load CD drive using the Nexus administrator program. The load process can take as little as six minutes for a 650MB CD-ROM and once they have been loaded onto the server, the original CD-ROMs are no longer required and can be stored away for safe keeping. As there is no other way of writing to the server, immunity from corruption and viruses is assured. The Avantis Nexus supports multiple CD-ROM formats and is free of the CD incompatibility problems which plague most other solutions to CD-ROM networking.

Client software is supplied for DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, NT 3.51 and NT 4.  Both TCP/IP and IPX network protocols are supported, allowing integration in almost any network infrastructure. Nexus servers can co-exist with NetWare, Microsoft or any other type of network servers.

The Nexus 2000 server is a complete solution to networking CD-ROM information and providing multimedia on demand, which you can add to your network quickly without the need to change your existing equipment or procedures.  All of your network workstations will gain access to all your CD-ROMs concurrently.

Avantis Nexus 2000 Features
I'm a blue square. Enterprise/Departmental/Campus Server
I'm a blue square. UW-SCSI hard disk.
I'm a blue square. 100% CD and DVD Compatible.
I'm a blue square. Up to 255 concurrent users.
I'm a blue square. Stores up to 200 CDs
I'm a blue square. Built in DVD drive for fast 'direct load'
I'm a blue square. High Reliability.
I'm a blue square. High performance multimedia server.
I'm a blue square. Multimedia Virtual DriveTM technology.
I'm a blue square. Fully scalable expandable capacity.
I'm a blue square. Ethernet 10/100 UTP or Token Ring 16/4.
I'm a blue square. Tower case with dual redundant PSU.
I'm a blue square. Server cube or rack-mount case option.

Avantis Nexus 2000 Product Range


Capacity (Gb)

Capacity (Min CDs)

Typical Capacity (CDs + DVDs)
NEX.I 9.1 14 10 + 3
NEX.II 18 28 20 + 5
NEX.IV 36 56 40 + 9
NEX.VI 54 84 60 +13
NEX.VIII 72 112 80 + 17
NEX.XII 108 168 120 + 25
NEX.XVI 144 200 160 + 33

Key features in more detail.
I'm a blue square. 100% CD and DVD Compatible
Uniquely in the industry, Avantis CDserve+ and Avantis Nexus2000 support ALL CD formats e.g. File and Directory CD-ROMs. Audio, Video, CDi and DVD.
I'm a blue square. Concurrency & Fast Access
Multiple users can access one or more CDs simultaneously.
I'm a blue square. Ultra High Performance
Ultra Wide SCSI, 10000RPM Hard disk technology is used in Nexus2000 servers to provide wire speed transfer rates and the lowest possible access times.
I'm a blue square. Virtual CD-ROM Drives
CD-ROMs are accessed and used from the workstation just like CD-ROM drives, but with the advantage that each workstation can have multiple virtual CD-ROM drives.
I'm a blue square. Central Administration
CDs are managed remotely from any workstation using the administrator version of the 'CDserev Explorer' application (can be password protected).
I'm a blue square. Direct Network Attach
Nexus2000 servers connect directly to the network and operate independently of other network servers. You can access your Nexus2000 even when the other network servers are down.
I'm a blue square. Reliability
By dispensing with the mechanical and optical technology used in conventional CD-ROM drives, Towers and Jukeboxes, failure rates are dramatically reduced.
I'm a blue square. High Capacity
Each Nexus2000 server offers a guaranteed minimum capacity (GMC) but can typically store many more CDs.  The Nexus2000 range offers servers with GMCs from 14 t0 200 CDs.
I'm a blue square. Expandable Capacity
Nexus2000 servers have swappable disks and hidden drive bays, so upgrading the capacity is as easy as slotting in another drive.
I'm a blue square. Multimedia
Avantis CD-ROM Servers are the ONLY solution on the market that have been designed, from the ground up, to cope with the demanding nature of sharing multimedia CD-ROMs and DVDs.

prices and specifications may change without notice.  E. & O. E.

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