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Avantis Product Selection Guide

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Multimedia Server Range
CDserve +, Eduserve and Nexus2000 are specialised multimedia servers that have been designed to offer the best performance possible for the delivery of multimedia CD and DVD information across a network.  Built on the award winning Avantis CDserve technology with Multimedia Virtual DriveTM client software, these products offer 100% compatibility with ALL CD and DVD formats.

I'm a blue square. OpenCD NAS Server Range
OpenCD Workgroup, OpenCD Campus and OpenCD Enterprise offer advanced network attached storage solutions.  The Avantis OpenCD platform has been optimised for performance., reliability and ease of use and comes complete with Web access, security management and zero client installation.

Avantis offer a complete range of CD/DVD server appliances, designed to meet the needs of every type of organisation; from the smallest firm to the largest establishment, and across many different market sectors.  All Avantis CD/DVD servers are total hardware and software solutions and are recognised for their exceptional performance, value and reliability.

Questions to ask to help you decide which Avantis product is for you.

Product Selection Guide
The table below summarises the main features of each product range and has been designed to help you choose which one might suit you best. More detailed information about each product range and the models available in each family can be found in the relevant product section.


Multimedia Server Range

OpenCD NAS Server Range

  CDserve+ EduServe Nexus2000 Workgroup


Class / User Base Workgroup Educational Department Workgroup Department Enterprise
CD Storage Capacity 7-75 CDs 10-20 CDs* 14-200 CDs 15-120 CDs 28-220 CDs 28-660 CDs
Full DVD Compatibility Upgrade available No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hard Drive Interface IDE IDE UW-SCSI IDE (UDMA) UW-SCSI Ultra-160 SCSI
Capacity Upgrades







Built in Optical Drive No No DVD-ROM DVD-ROM DVD-ROM DVD-ROM
Max. Concurrent Users 255 255 255 100 100 10,000
Network Options 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet or 16/4 Token Ring 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet, 16/4 Token Ring or Gigabit Ethernet.
Remote Web Management No No No Yes Yes Yes
Access Via MVD™ Client Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access Via Microsoft Networking No No No Yes Yes Yes
Educational Dorling Kindersley Titles


10 or 20 No No No No
Case Mini Tower Mini Tower Server Cube or Rackmount Small Deskside Tower Small Deskside Tower Tall Deskside Tower or Rackmount

prices and specifications may change without notice.  E. & O. E.

Avantis CDserve Avantis
Nexus 2000
OpenCD Range
OpenCD Enterprise
Avantis OpenCD Spec Avantis

Product Selection Guide

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