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Avantis Eduserve - Education CD-ROM Server

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Adding a little Genius to education
Kids just love computers and don't we know it! 
EduServe brings together a great Avantis product with Dorling Kindersley Software.Schools are learning to harness this passion by using great interactive software to teach kids about a whole range of different subjects.   The CD-ROM has become the media of choice for publishing educational software and the choice of CD-ROMs is apparently endless.

The teacher's worst nightmare is handing out CD-ROMs to the kids to use in the Computer Lab.  The CD-ROMs get lost or damaged and there's never enough copies for all the kids.  For the school there's also the problem of choosing and licensing good quality educational software.  All too often the software is unreliable or poorly designed and doesn't offer the child the quality of education that they really need.

Avantis, in association with Dorling Kindersley, has developed the perfect solution to this problem - EduServe, the Education CD-ROM Server.   Avantis leads the market in Network CD-ROM Servers and it's server technology offers unparalleled performance and support for Multimedia CD-ROMs.
Dorling Kindersley is the supplier of choice for high quality, fun to use, educational software featuring high quality graphical content.
EduServe is a network CD-ROM Server that is supplied pre-loaded with Dorling Kindersley education software - ready to go.  A choice of models is available with software to suit different school age groups.  Eduserve can be used to provide shared access to your other CD-ROMs as well.

The Avantis Eduserve CD-ROM Server
Using a CD-ROM  Server in a school environment means that you don't need to hand out
edu_logo.jpg (2943 bytes)CD-ROMs to the kids.  In fact EduServe does away with the CD-ROMs altogether.  EduServe is based on the award winning Avantis CDServe+ architecture and uses fast hard disk drive technology to store images of CD-ROMs.  The use of hard drive technology enables high performance access - all the kids can use the same or different CD-ROMs on the server at the same time - even ones with video clips.

The Avantis software creates Virtual CD-ROM drives which present the user with new CD-ROM drives in 'My Computer'.  The Avantis 'CDserve Explorer' application allows the user to drag and drop CD-ROM titles to the Virtual CD-ROM drives just like popping a CD in a drive.  For maximum child friendliness, desktop icons can be created, that automatically select the correct CD before launching the application.

EduServe Features
I'm a blue square. 3 or 6 DK Titles - FREE. I'm a blue square. No need for CD Drives in the kids' PCs.
I'm a blue square. Add your own favourite CDs. I'm a blue square. High Performance Concurrent Access.
I'm a blue square. 100% Compatible with all CD formats. I'm a blue square. Virtual CD-ROM Drives.
I'm a blue square. Best Multimedia Support in Industry I'm a blue square. Central Administration via Network
I'm a blue square. High Reliability - no mechanical or optical parts. I'm a blue square. Direct Network Attached.
Technical Specification
I'm a blue square. PC Compatible Architecture. I'm a blue square. Ethernet 10/100 UTP/CAT-5 Network
I'm a blue square. Pentium Class CPU I'm a blue square. Mini Tower Case.
I'm a blue square. IDE Hard Disk Drive(s).  

The Dorling Kindersley Software
Each EduServe is supplied filled with DK Educational CD-ROM Software.  The software includes the latest and best education titles available from DK, including titles such as History of the World, My First Dictionary, The Human Body, The New Way Things Work etc.

When you buy an EduServe you get either 3 or 6 FREE CD Site Licences (depending on model).  As the administrator/teacher, you may evaluate any of the CDs on the server but in order to grant access to the kids you will need to permanently designate which of the CDs you wish to use your free licences on.   When you have used up the free licences, you can call DK to purchase additional licences to enable any of the other pre-loaded CDs.  Or simply delete the unwanted   CDs and make space to load other CD-ROMs.  Each EduServe includes a special Educational Discount Voucher that you can use against purchases of additional licences for pre-loaded CD-ROMs from DK.  These can be purchased and enabled instantly over the phone.

There are two ranges of EduServe with different software to suit different school age groups.  Each is available with a capacity of either 10 or 20 CDs.

Model Software Suits Ages Capacity (Min CDs) Pre-Loaded DK CD-ROMs FREE CD Site Licences
Edu.Pri.10.3 7 - 11 10 10 3
Edu.Pri.20.6 7 - 11 20 20 6
Edu.Sec.10.3 9 - 16 10 10 3
Edu.Sec.20.6 9 - 16 20 20 6

prices and specifications may change without notice.  E. & O. E.

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