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OpenCD Product Range

Avantis introduced the OpenCD Enterprise High End CD-ROM / DVD Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Appliance in April 2000.  This product set new standards of functionality and performance for a NAS CD-ROM DVD Server Appliance.  The Avantis OpenCD platform enables users to access fully network compatible CD-ROMs and DVDs without the need to install any additional software on the workstation.  Avantis pioneered the use of hard disk technology in CD-ROM servers n 1995 and the OpenCD family leverage this innovation to deliver superb levels of performance even when many users are accessing the CD-ROM server at the same time.

On 1st July 2000, Avantis introduced two new members to the OpenCD family, offering the same features as OpenCD Enterprise but introducing a wider choice of price and performance options.

OpenCD Workgroup
OpenCD Workgroup is designed to offer cost effective CD/DVD networking to schools, SDMEs or individual workgroups within larger organisations.  OpenCd Workgroup is based on IDE hard drive technology and offers enough performance to cope with up to 100 business users or perhaps 15 concurrent multimedia CD-ROM users.  OpenCd Workgroup is available in models ranging in capacity from 15 CD-ROMs to 120 CD-ROMs.  Each OpenCd Workgroup has one drive expansion bay so that it may be doubled in capacity in the future. (except 120 CD capacity model).

OpenCD Campus
OpenCD Campus is a mid-range product designed to offer high performance at the lowest possible cost.  OpenCd Campus utilises Ultra-Wide SCSI hard drives.  Each OpenCD Campus has one drive expansion bay so that it's capacity may be doubled in the future (except 220 CD capacity model).  An OpenCd Campus could be employed in many environments ranging from secondary schools through to a department or regional office of a large corporation.

OpenCD Enterprise
OpenCd Enterprise offers superlative performance for large environments such as corporations and universities.  OpenCd Enterprise utilises Ultra-160 SCSI hard drives and the latest high speed Pentium-III processors for best-of-class performance.   OpenCd Enterprise is available in models ranging from 28 CD-ROMs to 660 CD-ROMs guaranteed.  Open CD Enterprise models have spare drive bays for future expansion.

MVDTM Client Software
Avantis MVD Client Software allows complex or problematic CD-ROMs and DVDs to be networked.  Avantis MVD Client Software is included in the price of every OpenCd server and can be downloaded from the  Avantis website.

OpenCD Model Feature Selector

  Workgroup Campus Enterprise
CPU Intel Celeron Intel Celeron Intel Pentium-III
Built in Optical Drive DVD-ROM DVD-ROM DVD-ROM
Hard Drive Interface IDE (UDMA) UW-SCSI Ultra-160 SCSI
Maximum Users 100 100 10,000
Smallest Capacity Model 15 28 28
Largest Capacity Model 120 220 660
Drive Bays 1 1 6
Spare Bays 1 1 0-5
Standard Network 10/100 Eth 10/100 Eth 10/100 Eth
Optional Network - - 16/4 Token Ring
Optional Network - - Gigabit Ethernet
Standard Case Deskside Tower Deskside Tower Tall Deskside Tower
Case Option - - Rack-mount

OpenCD Models and CD-ROM Capacity

OpenCD Workgroup

  CDs Max Upgrade
OCD.W.FE.15 15 30
OCD.W.FE.30 30 60
OCD.W.FE.60 60 120
OCD.W.FE.120 120 -

OpenCD Enterprise

  CDs Maximum Upgrade Capacity
OCD.E.FE.28 28 165
OCD.E.FE.55 55 330
OCD.E.FE.110 110 330
OCD.E.FE.220 220 660
OCD.E.FE.330 330 660
OCD.E.FE.440 440 660
OCD.E.FE.550 550 660
OCD.E.FE.660 660 -

OpenCD Campus

  CDs Max Upgrade
OCD.C.FE.28 28 56
OCD.C.FE.55 55 110
OCD.C.FE.110 110 220
OCD.C.FE.220 220 -

prices and specifications may change without notice.  E. & O. E.

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