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Ecrix VXA-1 External

Ecrix VXA-1 Internal

SCSI Termination Info

   Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive - it may look green but it's white with a coloured light on it.

Installing Your External VXA-1 Drive

Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive - front view.

Installing Your External VXA-1 Drive

1.  Set the SCSI ID.  The default setting is SCSI ID 3.
2.  Connect the SCSI cable to the drive's interface.
3.  Determine if your drive needs to be terminated.
4.  Connect the AC power cord.
5.  Test your drive.
5.  You've finished.


VXA-1 Internal Tape Drive - Rear View.
Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive - rear view.

Rear View - SCSI ID select detail
Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive - rear view SCSI ID detail.
Use the + and - tabs above and below the SCSI ID indicator on the rear panel, to set the SCSI ID.

Ecrix VXA-1 tape drives and SCSI termination.
Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive with SCSI termination.You need to determine if your Ecrix VXA-1
tape drive requires SCSI termination.
Each end of the SCSI bus must be terminated.
If the tape drive is the last device on the SCSI
bus, a terminator must be installed
(as illustrated to the right).
This terminator is included when you purchase an external VXA-1 tape drive.

For more information on SCSI termination, click here.

Ecrix VXA-1 external tape drive without SCSI termination.The diagram to the left, illustrates a VXA-1 drive without termination.  In this example the tape drive is connected between the host computer and two other SCSI devices.


Testing Your Drive
Load a tape; LED #2 will blink while the tape is loading.
Verify that LED #2 is on and not blinking when the tape is ready.
Perform and verify a small backup using your backup software application.


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