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VXA AutoPak

VXA-1 RakPak Tape Drive

Why VXA RakPak?       Product Highlights

I'm a square and I'm blue.  

Streamlines rack-mounted server backup. I'm a square and I'm blue.   Two-tape capacity totalling 132Gb

I'm a square and I'm blue.  

Provides a 100% restore of mission critical data. I'm a square and I'm blue.   12 Mb/sec aggregate transfer rate, in parallel data streams.

I'm a square and I'm blue.  

Removes risk of data loss due to computer
virus contamination or other security breaches.
I'm a square and I'm blue.   Clearly visible LEDs - easy monitoring.

I'm a square and I'm blue.  

Maximises use of costly floor space. I'm a square and I'm blue. 1 U size minimizes space used in standard 19 inch racks.

I'm a square and I'm blue.  

Uses ultra-reliable VXA packet technology similar to Internet and telecommunications industries.

Optimize Server-room Real-estate (and Protect Your Data)
As server-room floor space cost escalates, maximising it's use becomes a key to profitable operations.  Optimize your real estate by consolidating servers, storgae, and tape systems into 19 inch racks.  The VXA RakPakTM lets you take advantage of the VXA-1 tape drive's highly reliable backup and restore capabilities in a sleek, one or two drive package specifically designed for rack mounting.  The VXA RakPak allows you to pack up to 132Gb (2:1 compression) of data in the space of a single rack unit.  For lower capacity requirements, it provides up to 66Gb of stoarage when optionally configured with a single tape drive.

VXA - High Reliability Meets Low Cost
The award winning VXA-1 tape drives are the first and only drives to use packets - a technology similar to that already proven in the Internet and telecommunications markets.  Uniquely addressed, each VXA data packet can be read in any sequence - independent of track shape or geometry.  This approach virtually guarantees 100% data restore and eliminates the need for the costly head and track alignment mechanisms required by other tape drives.

VXA also successfully solves a problem known as backhitching or shoeshining.  When data flow to or from other tape drives is interrupted - a frequent occurrence - the tape must stop, rewind, and reposition itself to restart where the data stopped.  Backhitching accelerates media and drive head wear and negatively impacts the life of the drive mechanism.  VXA is the only tape technology to completely eliminate backhitching by automatically adjusting it's tape motion to match the host's transfer rate - significantly enhancing reliability and optimizing both backup and restore times.

A 1 U Rack-mount Package
The VXA RakPak design combines VXA-1 tape drives with a convenient rack-mount chassis that fits securely into standard 19 inch racks.  Cooling, power, and grouinding requiremnets are all built in.  Simply secure the unit into your rack, connect your data cables, and plug the power cord into an outlet.  All media is easily accessible at the front of the rack and the tape drive's LEDs are clearly visible for easy monitoring.  As storage requirements grow, additional VXA RakPak units can be easily installed.

Compressed specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio. Compression, capacity and throughput will be dependent upon the type of data and system configuration.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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