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VXA AutoPak


VXA Tape Technology

VXAtape Media Specifications

V17 Cartridge

Length 170m
Capacity 66 GB* (33 GB native)

V6 Cartridge

Length 62m
Capacity 24 GB* (12 GB native)

General Characteristics

Magnetic Layer AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated)
Base material PET

Magnetic Characteristics

Residual Magnetic Flux
Density, mT (gauss)
500 (5000)
Coercive Force, kA/m (Oe) 105 (1320)
Squareness 0.78

Physical Characteristics

Tape Thickness (Ám) 7.0
Tape Width (mm) 8.0
Yield Strength, N (kgf) 6 (0.6)
Breaking Tensile Strength, N (kgf) 10.2 (1.02)

Environmental Requirements

Operating Conditions 41║ - 113║ F
(5║ - 45║ C)
20% - 80% RH†

Storage Conditions
41║ - 90║ F
(5║ - 32║ C)
20% - 60% RH†

Media Passes 20,000
Shelf Life 30 Years

VXA Support - VXA-1 products from Ecrix Corporation set a new standard for tape drive value, reliability and data availability. Because VXA recognize product support as an essential component of customer satisfaction, all VXA-1 products come with exceptional support services, including 3-year warranty, free phone support during the warranty period, and fast, user-friendly website with practical solutions.

*Compressed specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio. Compression, capacity and throughput will be dependent upon the type of data and system configuration.

†Maximum wet bulb temperature 79║ F (26║ C).

VXAtape is designed to provide maximum reliability and performance when used with VXA tape drives. VXA tapes are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty only when used with VXA tape drives.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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