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Ecrix tape drive technology to beat the rest.

VXA - 33/66Gb and transfer rates of up to 6Mb/sec

An external drive.  It's blue, but blue's  not available in the UK.

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Craystone brings you the opportunity to purchase the very latest in backup technology, the Ecrix VXA range of tape drives.  Ecrix VXA provides award winning technology and performance (33/66Gb capacity and up to 6Mb/sec transfer rate) at an affordable price, complete with a 3 year warranty.

VXA-1 Tape Drive Properties in brief:

Steve McQueen was in Bullit Up to 66Gb compressed capacity spacer.gif (807 bytes) Steve McQueen was in Bullit Overscan Operation (OSO)
Steve McQueen was in Bullit Up to 6Mb/sec Transfer Rate Steve McQueen was in Bullit Single-ended SCSI-2 interface
Steve McQueen was in Bullit Discreet Packet Format (DPF) Steve McQueen was in Bullit Internal or External Options
Steve McQueen was in Bullit Variable Speed Operation (VSO) Steve McQueen was in Bullit Various Colours Available
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Red-Square Tape Drive The VXA-1 tape drive gives you three times the price performance of legacy tape drives like DDS, DLT, and Mammoth.  Working up to 6Mb/sec, the VXA drive stripes 387 info packets across the tape.
red-square.gif (47 bytes) Technology Advanced new technology makes VXA the most reliable tape drive at any price. VXA formats data in packets, operates at variable speed, and can read data multiple times in one single tape pass.
red-square.gif (47 bytes) Compatibility The VXA-1 tape drive is compatible with backup applications under all major O/S, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell, MacOS, and more.
red-square.gif (47 bytes) Linux Certification The VXA-1 is the first tape drive tested and qualified under the Linux Tape Drive Certification Program administered by Enhanced Software Technologies.
red-square.gif (47 bytes)Extreme Tests The ultimate test of tape drive reliability. The VXA-1 tape drive can restore data from tapes that have been boiled, frozen, and dunked in hot coffee.

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