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This is what The Accuterm CD looks like. Accuterm - The most advanced terminal emulator with ActiveX technology for Windows 95/98/NT.
Accuterm 97 and
Accuterm Internet Edition are the easiest and fastest way to access your Unix or Pick-based computer from Windows.

With its automatic font scaling, accurate emulation, quick file transfer and adherence to all Windows Standards, it will make your job easier. The main features are as follows:
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Super-accurate emulation including AddsVP, Wyse, PC Monitor, with 132 column support. bullet.gif (166 bytes) Pick-DOS-Pick ASCII file transfers.
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Easy to use, with auto-start feature. bullet.gif (166 bytes) Pick-Pick data transfers.
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Fully configurable keyboard mappings, fonts, colours etc bullet.gif (166 bytes) Built-in Tektronix colour graphics.
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Windows mouse and slave printer support. bullet.gif (166 bytes) Microsoft Office standard interface.
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Customisable menu and toolbar. bullet.gif (166 bytes) Export or import data from Word, Excel, Access, Lotus, dBase etc.
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Full OLE/ActiveX support for windows programming. bullet.gif (166 bytes) Supports dial modem, RS232, PicLan, telnet and DOS.

A simple cost effective and deliverable solution, with a free demo available (check the pricing page for more details).

Accuterm 97 retains all the ease-of-use features of Accuterm for Windows, but all of the set-up and configuration settings have been streamlined. Now its even easier to change printers, screen fonts, emulation, screen colours, etc. You'll spend less time setting up and more time getting on with your work.

Accuterm 97 supports up to 160 columns by 60 rows with up to 25 pages per session. When you resize a terminal window, the characters shrink or expand so you can always see the entire terminal screen. Our advanced colour mapping lets you select the colours that you like best. And, using the integral history window, you can review up to 25 pages of text which has been scrolled off the screen.

Accurate Emulation
Accuterm 97 still offers the most accurate emulation available for ADDS Viewpoint 60, Wyse 50,
Wyse 60, DEC VT52, DEC VT220, ANSI BBS and Pick PC Console. Accuterm also offers
Tektronix 4010/4014/4100 graphics terminal emulation. This means that your application will work just like on the real terminal - no reprogramming - no hassles!

ActiveX Object Interface and VBA
ActiveX technology is creating a revolution in Windows programming. It creates a standard way for one windows program to interact with another program. Accuterm 97's ActiveX support allows Excel, Word or any other windows program. that supports ActiveX to create and manipulate Accuterm sessions and retrieve information from your Unix or Pick host. By including a VBA compatible scripting language, Accuterm can be used to automate any other ActiveX program. Accuterm is no longer a stand alone program. It works It works with your other windows program to accomplish more.

File Transfer
Accuterm 97 supports industry standard file transfer protocols including: Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and ASCII. A library of Pick BASIC file transfer programs is included which provides a simple way to share data between the Pick environment and Windows or DOS applications. An easy to use
Pick-to-Pick file transfer utility is also included.

Other Features
Other features include simple dial up connections using the Windows Auto-dialler, built-in network support for TCP/IP (Telnet) and PicLan, and clipboard copy and paste. Accuterm also supports auxiliary (slave) printers, image (picture) display on the terminal screen, host control of other Window or DOS processes and data capture. And of course, there is NO COPY PROTECTION or "activation" required!

Accuterm 97 ActiveX Components
Accuterm 97 includes an ActiveX component (OCX) which can be used to add terminal emulation and communications features to your custom application. A custom application developed in any programming environment which supports the use of ActiveX controls (Visual Basic 5, Visual C++, Delphi 3, etc.) can include the Accuterm Emulator Control to provide host communications and terminal emulation support for the application.

Accuterm 97 Internet Edition
If you ever wanted to give your users access to your terminal based Pick or UNIX applications, now you can! With the Accuterm 97 Internet Edition, you can embed an Accuterm session directly into a web page. When an Internet Explorer user accesses this page, a terminal session window will be displayed inside the browser. The user can be automatically logged on to your Pick or UNIX host. Just think of the possibilities! Now your customers can check the status of their order or your available inventory without extensive programming. Click the Internet button below for more information.

prices and specifications may change without notice. E.& O. E.

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