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This is what the Accuterm CD looks like.

INTERNET links without changing source code:- The latest innovation of a Terminal Emulator linked in GUI (Graphical User Interface) form has been launched with the ACCUTERM INTERNET EDITION.
This is based on the Accuterm 97 product already used throughout the world, and includes an auto wizard to allow even non technical people to setup the system.
You create a button link on a HTML page which, when clicked, will open a full terminal emulator.  This function provides unlimited access from the outside world, or to home workers, with no need to change any legacy code and all controlled from within the Pick Multivalue environment for your security needs.

A simple cost effective and deliverable solution, with a free demo available (check the pricing page for more details).

Accuterm 97 Internet Edition
Accuterm 97 Internet Edition provides a seamless link between your web browser and your legacy Pick and Unix systems. Supplied with a wizard that simplifies the process you can put your systems on the web in no time at all. Simply define the terminal type, the connection that you want to link to from your web page, save the details and the Accuterm Internet Edition will write the required HTML code for you. Once up and running, anyone that accesses your site can access your database too (if you want to let them). The HTML code generated will even check the surfers machine and automatically download and install the Accuterm client software ready for use. This download and set up happens only once, the first time your Pick application is visited.

The ideal way to allow your users, customers, and suppliers to interact with your legacy Pick or Unix applications over the web. Data export functions to link to spreadsheets or word processors. Copy and paste from terminal screen to clipboard or other applications. Slave printing, function key mapping and or programming
Access your character based Pick system from anywhere using the Internet and your browser (not compatible with Netscape). Self installing client direct from a web page.
Internet or Intranet based; standardises the interface, e.g. home workers see the same thing as they see at work. Wizard generated HTML to control client installation.
Cost savings - no more expensive dial up modem links, simply use your 'local call' (or even free call) ISP connection. Accurate terminal emulation, no need to reprogram your applications.
Secure connections allowing data capture from PICK using supplied download software supporting ASCII, Kermit, xmodem, ymodem etc. Standard VBA scripting allows you to automate functions Accuterm Internet Edition provides the necessary tools to set up connections to your Pick or Unix servers.

The Accuterm Internet Edition session designer allows you to define the connections and basic settings for the sessions used. A single session file can service many clients if the server system allocates processes on a first come first served basis. Alternatively you can define many session files and tie each to a specific process on the server. As with Accuterm 97 connections can be established via Telnet, and Piclan.

prices and specifications may change without notice. E.& O. E.

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