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Opticon NSR 110/120 Barcode Card Readers

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Opticon NSR 110/120 Barcode Card Readers
Opticon NSR Card Readers are a family of high performance, long life, BARCODE card readers that work with a variety of cards and badges.  The NSR Barcode Card Readers are ruggedly built (cast aluminium casing), perform well in dirty and dusty conditions and can withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments.

The readers are easy to install, are user programmable with ready to swipe pre-programmed cards.

Using the NSR card readers is very simple: a badge or ticket glides through the slot's stainless steel base without wearing out.  The barcode reader has a wide slot, and features perfect read rates on high density labels.  It will stand alone on a desktop or can be side or wall-mounted.

The NSR barcode card readers are available as two products.
1) Opticon NSR120 - a stand alone barcode card reader - contains a built in decoder, however, no further devices can be connected/added on.
2) Opticon NSR110 makes use of an external decoder eg. the Microbar NX (
click here for important info regarding the use of MicroBar NX with the Opticon NSR110) - which enables a barcode wand, such as the MSH119 Wand to be connected to it.

There is a further choice to be made of either red or infra-red illumination, the NSR will read visible labels for general usage (the Red model) or 'masked' security laminated labels (the Infra-red model).

Both products are available as kits with either keyboard wedge, single RS232, dual RS232 or terminal keyboard wedge interfaces enabling them to be connected to over 150 PCs and terminals.

Click here for  a setup diagram.(Which NSR120 kit do you need?)
Click here for  a setup diagram (Which NSR110 kit do you need?)

Features Typical Applications
  • Club member cards.
  • Access control.
  • Document tracking, libraries.
  • Job tracking.
  • Issues and returns.


prices and specifications may change without notice. E. &. O. E.

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Microbar NX info:
When two barcode wands are connected into the RJ sockets of a MicroBar NX decoder they work fine without problems.
When you connect a NSR110 barcode card reader and a barcode wand into the RJ sockets of the MicroBar NX decoder, the wand stops working but the NSR110 is fine.  This is because the NSR draws too much power from the power supply and stops the barcode wand from operating.
The solution: An alternative cable is required to connect the NSR110 to the DB9 connector of the MicroBar NX decoder.  This is called a 9pin squeeze adapter.  So the barcode wand is connected to one of the RJ inputs, and the NSR110 barcode card reader is connected to the DB9 input.  This works fine.
The 9pin squeeze adapter costs no more, but this cable needs to be specified at the time of order.