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By doubling the amount of memory a single slot can accommodate, Viking's T3 technology allows you to place the capacity of two memory modules into the space of one. Its patented proprietary design solves heat, space and size issues common to other double-capacity modules.
Viking Memory For You
Viking T3 Technology

Built using mainstream, readily-available DRAM technology chips, Viking Components T3 DIMMs provide a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the technology curve as DRAMs continue to increase in density. Since the T3 module is symmetrical, the average trace length is the same as standard PC100 DIMMs.

Unique microedge clamps are used to mount and connect the daughter PCBs to the main PCB, allowing heat to escape from within the module.
The main PCB separates the chips, helping to decrease heat generation and transfer within the module.

Viking T3 specification





bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Designed without stacking DRAM
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Manufactured with readily-available 64-megabit DRAM
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Same dimensions as standard DIMMS built with SOJ components
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Uses 3 PCBs: a main and 2 daughter boards
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Trace lengths are PC100 compliant
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Current T3 design is 1GB-ready pending release of high-density SDRAM.

Available Capacities:
512MB PC100 CL2 Sync Registered Non-ECC
512MB PC100 CL3 Sync Registered Non-ECC
256MB PC100 CL2 Sync Registered ECC
256MB PC100 CL3 Sync Registered ECC
256MB PC100 CL2 Sync Registered Non-ECC
256MB PC100 CL3 Sync Registered Non-ECC
256MB PC66 Sync Unbuffered ECC
256MB PC66 Sync Unbuffered Non-ECC.
256MB EDO Buffered ECC.
256MB EDO Buffered Non-ECC.
256MB Fast Page Buffered ECC.

T3 DIMM Specifications:

bullet.gif (166 bytes) PC66 or PC100 SDRAM
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Extended Data Output (EDO)
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Fast Page Mode (FPM)
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Meets JEDEC and PC-100 168-pin DIMM Specifications
bullet.gif (166 bytes) LVTTL compatible inputs and outputs

bullet.gif (166 bytes) Single 3.3Vą 0.3V Power Supply
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Height: 1.390"
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Thickness: 0.350" max
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Length: 5.250"
bullet.gif (166 bytes) Patent Pending

Viking manufacturers over 2000 memory modules to upgrade almost any type of system. Our modules come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed 100% compatible. To find the exact upgrade paths and modules for your system, use the MEMORY QUOTATION REQUEST FORM

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