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Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Series Barcode Scanner

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The Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Series of hand-held barcode scanners are built for high performance and user flexibility.  The ScanPlus 1800 incorporates the latest patented technology and integrated design for fast and accurate contact and non-contact scanning.over a wide range of applications in Retail, Healthcare, Office and Manufacturing.  The highly ergonomic shape of the ScanPlus 1800 provides comfortable, reliable and easy to use scanning all day long.
The ScanPlus 1800 SR is a CCD scanner for close reading applications with a maximum distance of 10cm.   The ScanPlus SR engine features technology that provides a sharp, brightly illuminated scan line for accurate positioning of the scanner,
The ScanPlus 1800 ST is a laser non-contact scanner, which provides excellent depth of field for applications where distance reading is important - up to 50cm.
The Intermec ScanPlus kits come complete with CD set-up software, the EasySet System for Windows provides the fastest ever set-up.  Set-up has never been easier, print and scan a barcode menu or download a configuration to flash memory.
Designed for the user, with quick set-up via EasySet software, Intermec ScanPlus 1800 scanners are comfortable, reliable and easy to use - all day long.   Put the new ScanPlus 1800 to work in your business today.
   Click here for a setup diagram. (Which SCANPLUS 1800 kit do you need?)

spacer.gif (807 bytes)The ScanPlus S Series is a new range of barcode scanners for contact and non-contact scanning.
They can be connected to hundreds of PCs and terminals by changing the cable & software set-up.
Use CCD for close range, 0mm to 100mm.  Use Laser for longer range, 0mm to 500mm.

Features Typical Applications
  • Easy to pick up, use, hold, put down
  • Choice of scan engine
  • Instantly reads barcodes on flat + curved surfaces
  • Choice of trigger and wedge interface
  • Universal RS232 and wedge interface
  • Interchangeable cables for PCs and terminals
  • Simple to set up with EasySet software & barcodes.
  • Point of sale: all types of outlet
  • Distribution: product ID, document control
  • Manufacturing: job tracking
  • Office: document records & tracking
  • Library: issues and returns
  • Healthcare: patient records, pharmacy, pathology etc.
    see the ScanPlus 1800 Scanner

prices and specifications may change without notice. E. &. O. E.

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