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Intermec Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner & MicroBar 9745

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Intermec Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner And MicroBar 9745 Decoder.
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Intermec Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner - Intermec Logo

Intermec Sabre 1552 and MicroBar 9745 Benefits
Features Typical Applications
  • Cordless design.  No cables: safer and more reliable scanning.
  • Comfortable and light-weight for easy use.
  • Rugged durable design withstands the harshest environments.
  • Nine scanners can interface to a single base station for lower acquisition costs.
  • No radio licence required.
  • 50 foot (15 metre) range from base station..
  • Goods receiving and despatch.
  • Distribution: product identification.
  • Manufacturing: job tracking.
  • Laboratory: sample tracking.
  • Tools: issues and returns.

The Intermec Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner is a cable free portable scanner, that provides unparalleled flexibility in scanning barcodes.
The Sabre1552 is designed for tough industrial use in applications that require freedom to move around.  Eliminating the cable prevents the cord from getting entangled in machinery and equipment, avoiding the chance of an accident.  It has a range of up to 15 metres away from the MicroBar 9745 Base Station. When out of range, a clear warning signal is given and none of the data is lost.  With the RS232 version, the operator can also receive audible and visual feedback/instructions from a suitable modified application program.
The Sabre 1552 and MicroBar 9745 communicate using Intermec's PicoLink TM wireless personal area network.  It uses an unlicensed 2.4GHz radio frequency hopping design that has global regulatory acceptance and superior interference immunity against other narrow band RF sources.
Up to nine Intermec Sabre 1552 barcode scanners can interface to a single MicroBar 9745 base station.  You are also given a choice of RS232, keyboard wedge and wand emulation interfaces for the MicroBar 9745 Base Station, and a choice of standard, long range, high density and high visibility laser scan engines for the Sabre 1552 barcode scanner.
The Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner is the latest member of the Sabre family, perfect for reliable performance in harsh conditions.  Users will benefit from it's ability to withstand windblown rain and dust, arctic to desert temperatures,off road vehicle vibration levels and multiple 6-foot drops.

Prices and specifications may change without notice.  E. &. O. E.

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