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A Wangdat 3800 is an internal DDS2 DAT drive with a 4/8Gb capacity. It is 3.5" sized as standard, a 5.25" fixing kit and bezel is available as an option.  The Wangdat 3800SE (the external version) is also available.


The following tables and notes give a quick guide in setting up the Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb.   The Wangdat 3800 has the same capacity as a Wangdat 3400 - 4/8Gb - but it is a much quicker drive
The notes explain the setting of the 16 pin jumper block.

Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb -16 Pin Jumper Block Settings
Jumper Block Jumpered Value No Jumper Value Default Settings
Pin Pair 1 & 2 SCSI ID 4 SCSI ID 0

No Jumper

Pin Pair 3 & 4 SCSI ID 2 SCSI ID 0

No Jumper

Pin pair 5 & 6 SCSI ID 1 SCSI ID 0

No Jumper

Pin Pair 7 & 8 Compression Disabled  = 12Gb Compression Enabled  = 24Gb

No Jumper

Pin Pair 9 &10 Enables SCSI Parity Disables SCSI Parity


Pin Pair 11&12 Factory Use Only - Do not jumper Factory Use Only - Do not jumper

No Jumper

Pin Pair 13 &14* Terminates the drive No.termination


Pin Pair 15 &16** SCSI bus Termination Power No termination power


NB.You can choose any SCSI ID value from 0 to 7.  See table below.
To do this the pin pairs 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6  from the 16 pin jumper block are arranged in various ON OFF combinations.
So for example  SCSI ID 5 would be ON OFF ON (4 + 0 +1 = 5).

Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb - SCSI ID Further Explanation
Jumper Block Pin Pair 1 & 2 (Value = 4) Pin Pair 3 & 4 (Value = 2) Pin Pair 5 & 6 (Value = 1)
SCSI ID VALUE 0 OFF (No Jumper) OFF (No Jumper) OFF (No Jumper)
SCSI ID VALUE 1 OFF (No Jumper) OFF (No Jumper) ON (Jumpered)
SCSI ID VALUE 2 OFF (No Jumper) ON (Jumpered) OFF (No Jumper)
SCSI ID VALUE 3 OFF (No Jumper) ON (Jumpered) ON (Jumpered)
SCSI ID VALUE 4 ON (Jumpered) OFF (No Jumper) OFF (No Jumper)
SCSI ID VALUE 5 ON (Jumpered) OFF (No Jumper) ON (Jumpered)
SCSI ID VALUE 6 ON (Jumpered) ON (Jumpered) OFF (No Jumper)
SCSI ID VALUE 7 ON (Jumpered) ON (Jumpered) ON (Jumpered)

*Termination - The pin pair 13&14 controls drive termination. The Wangdat 3800 must be terminated, by jumpering pin pair13&14, if it is either a stand alone unit, or last in a chain of devices. (The default setting is for the pins to be jumpered).

**SCSI Bus Termination Power - The pin pair 15 & 16 controls the drive's termination power, a jumper on this pin pair connects termination power to the SCSI bus. When jumpered termination power is supplied by the drive, without a jumper the power is supplied by the host. (The default setting is for the pins to be jumpered).

The Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb needs to be connected to a SCSI controller card. A low cost card, such as an
Adaptec 1505, is suitable for this task.  However the Adaptec 1505 will only control the one SCSI device.

Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb - Table of LED indicators
LED State Indication
Drive Status

OFF No drive activity on the SCSI bus.
ON Drive activity on the SCSI bus.
FLASHING Drive moving tape.
Tape Cartridge Status (Center)

OFF No tape cartridge in drive.
ON Tape cartridge in drive.
FLASHING Tape cartridge loading or unloading.

OFF Drive O.K.
ON Cleaning required.
FLASHING Tape cartridge high soft error rate (clean drive or replace cartridge).
Self test failure.

Wangdat 3800 4/8Gb - Media Information

60 Metre

90 Metre

120 Metre To back up 8Gb (compression ON) on a Wangdat 3800 a 120 metre cartridge is used, if compression was OFF a 4Gb capacity would be acheived.  Inserting a 90 metre cartridge gives a 4Gb compressed and 2Gb native capacity.  Inserting a 60 metre cartridge gives a 2.6Gb compressed and 1.3Gb native capacity.







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