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The Adaptec 1505 is a low cost SCSI controller suitable for the connection of Tape or DAT backup (due to their low transmission rates). It is the controller we recommend for use with the PICK operating system.  It is supplied with EZ-SCSI Lite software for Windows.


To select the Address and IRQ on the card, you are required to set two jumpers on a bank of five pairs of pins (JP1).
The ALT pin pair selects the Address setting. When jumpered the Address is 140. Without a jumper the Address is 340. The PICK operating system requires the Address to be 140, therefore ALT should be jumpered.
The remaining four sets of pin pairs select the IRQ. The uppermost pin pair below ALT selects IRQ 12. The PICK operating system requires the IRQ to be 12, therefore this pin pair should be jumpered.

Terminating resistors are fitted as standard to the card. If the controller card happened not to be the first device on the SCSI bus, these resistors should be removed.

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