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DLT IV Data Cartridges:

Metal Particle

30 Year Archival Storage

1,000,000 Passes

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Benchmark DLTIV media, data cartridge.

Cleaning Cartridges:

Woven Nylon Fabric

20 Cleanings

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Benchmark Tape Systems provides reliable media solutions that safely manages and preserves valuable corporate data. To ensure outstanding performance and reliability, Benchmark embraces the proven quality of DLTtape™IV media. With over 30 million half-inch cartridges performing reliably in the field and storing thousands of terabytes of mission critical data, DLTtape™IV media is the solid choice. Benchmark DLTtape™IV media is for use in all DLT drives and libraries, thus providing expanded data storage capabilities across the entire family of DLT drives with no added complexity. It's simple. It's reliable. It is DLTtape™IV technology.

The Benchmark DLT1 drive employs a high-performance thin film recording head. The Benchmark Cleaning Tape is specially formulated for effective cleaning of thin film head technology. The Benchmark Cleaning Tape was developed for the unique recording heads used on Benchmark tape drives, it can ONLY be used in the Benchmark family of tape drives.

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