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The Sony SDT9000 is a 12/24Gb DDS3 data storage device using 4mm DAT technology with a typical 2.4Mb/sec transfer rate. It achieves high data reliability through Read-After-Write, an additional level of Error Correction Code, and other features.


The drive stores data on tape using a standard format called DDS (Digital Data Storage), DDS3, DDS2, DDS-DC and DCLZ formats. The Sony SDT9000 is fully READ and WRITE compatible with the DDS3, DDS2, DDS and DDS-DC format tapes.


Jumper Block Settings For Sony SDT9000 12/24Gb DAT
Pin pair Jumpered value No jumper value Default setting Choose
2 SCSI ID 4 SCSI ID 0 No jumper Jumpered
1 SCSI ID 2 SCSI ID 0 No jumper Jumpered
0 SCSI ID 1 SCSI ID 0 No jumper Jumpered
D 12Gb 24Gb No jumper No jumper
P SCSI parity enabled SCSI parity disabled Jumpered Jumpered
- Reserved Reserved No jumper No jumper
R SCSI termination enabled SCSI termination disabled Jumpered Jumpered
T SCSI termination power on SCSI termination power off Jumpered Jumpered
Pin pair R when jumpered enables SCSI termination to be set upon the drive. The drive must be terminated if it is either a stand alone unit, or last in a chain of devices. Pin Pair T when jumpered connects termination power to the SCSI bus. When jumpered termination is supplied by the drive, without a jumper the power is supplied by the host.

Below is a diagram and table that explains the various conditions of the three LED indicators on the front of the Sony SDT-9000.

LED State Indication Table
Activity Cartridge Other
None None None
SCSI None None
Drive Load/Unload None
Drive Load/Unload Write Protected
None Loaded None
SCSI Loaded None
SCSI/Drive Loaded None
* Loaded Write Protected
None Loaded Cleaning Tape
* Loaded Error Rate Warn
* * Cleaning Request
* * Self test Failure
* * Waiting Reset
* * Waiting Eject

Loading a cassette

Insert a cassette into the front panel with the arrow on the cassette pointing towards the drive. When the cassette is inserted, the drive takes it and automatically loads it into the drive mechanism.

Unloading a cassette
The cassette can be removed from the drive either in response to a SCSI Unload Command, or by pressing the eject button.

Using a Cleaning Tape
The SDT-9000 has a built in super head cleaner designed to last the life of the drive. In addition, a cleaning tape should be used periodically to clean the entire path. The drive will automatically request you to perform a cleaning operation. The need for a cleaning tape is determined by the drum rotating 24 hours since the last cleaning was performed.

For Sony Troubleshooting Information, click below:

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