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Chase Multi-Port Serial Cards

Introduction to Chase Research
"Chase Research is an international company dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of connectivity & remote access products for the global market. Chase Research products are sold & installed world-wide and are used in a vast range of demanding environments, including retail, commercial, industrial & public service applications. Time and time again, Chase Research’s products have not only met, but often exceeded the specifications required by the most important decision-makers - its customers. The company’s dedicated focus on functionality and reliability has made its products more than just a commodity, they are regarded as key components for multi-user systems, network connectivity and remote access applications. In addition to providing leading-edge solutions for the end-user market, Chase Research products are counted on by many of the world's top OEM companies".

ISA AT-FAST & PCI PCI-FAST Multiport Serial Cards
However you look at it, your business depends upon getting the very best from your computer systems & network. Whether you are building a system or adding to an existing one, you'll demand the very best from each & every component. When it comes to providing additional COM ports, there's one forward looking company that's designed a truly flexible solution with real eye for detail

multi-port cards provide additional high-speed COM (serial) ports at a truly competitive price, which has to be seen to be believed !   Chase Research AT-FAST,  PCI-FAST cards are ideally suited for building Windows NT & Citrix WinFrame based solutions. When used to attach modems, they provide high-speed dial-in & dial-out connectivity from remote users to NT servers via RAS (Remote Access Server). They can also provide additional COM ports for users running Citrix or UNIX multi-user software.

cards are incredibly easy to install with their Windows ‘plug-and-play’ compatibility (PCI-FAST) and are I/O mapped to reduce memory conflicts. With 460.8Kbps performance across all ports, the cards support even the fastest serial devices and will enable the network to transfer time- critical data across the corporate LAN or WAN for local or remote access applications.

, if you could see into the future you would know that your initial investment in Chase Research AT-Fast & PCI-Fast cards had been well protected. With free driver upgrades & a unique Lifetime Warranty, a future proof solution with real peace-of-mind is assured.

Key Features:
One of the fastest, most reliable and cost effective COM port solutions available.
Transfer rates of up to 460.8Kbps provide unparalleled performance to reduce connection and download times.
ISA or PCI interface options with support for all leading operating systems.
Windows ‘plug-and-play’ compatibility (PCI-FAST) and fully configurable IRQs for fast and easy installation.
Multi-strike (15KV) surge suppression protects against electrical ‘spikes’.
Wide range of serial connection options to meet almost every requirement.
Extensive driver support for major operating systems.
ree driver updates and Lifetime Warranty for a future-proof solution with peace of mind.

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