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Craystone are able to supply a vast range of both new and remanufactured tape drives.  If you have a specific requirement, which you cannot find within these pages, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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space.gif (43 bytes) DAT Drives
DLT Drives
QIC SCSI / QIC02 Drives
Travan Drives
View the full tape drive list.
New Ecrix VXA-1 tape drives
Ecrix VXA - the latest in tape drive technology.

New Quantum DLT Drives
Quantum DLT tape drives - Best Prices in the UK.
HP DLT1 tape drives
Hewlett Packard DLT1 tape drives

New Tandberg Data tape drives
Tandberg Data

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NOTE: Our remanufactured tape drives  have been  fully factory tested and approved.  All remanufactured tape drives come complete with a 12 month peace of mind warranty.  If required, certain drives can be installed into an external casing unit at an extra cost - please contact us for pricing and availability.


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