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Craystone is a UK trade distributor, that specialises in the distribution of computer hardware.  We supply and support a wide range of new and remanufactured tape drive storage devices, including RDX, LTO, DAT, SLR, DLT, SDLT, VS, DLT1, QIC, QIC02, NAS, RAID, Autoloaders and Library systems.

Many brands are available: APC UPS, Archive, Compaq, Connor, D-Link, Draytek Routers, Ecrix, Exabyte, HP, Liebert UPS, Multitech Modems, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, TANDBERG DATA, Tecmar, Wangdat and Wangtek to name a few
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Craystone offers a comprehensive tape drive repair service on a wide range of Tape drives and libraries; LTO, AIT, SDLT, DAT and DLT drives.  Repairs are fixed priced and are fully warranted.

Craystone is also a reseller for barcode equipment, including scanners, wands, barcode and magstripe slot readers, Avantis CD-ROM servers, CDRW and USB Caddies, Iomega USB Zip drives, Adaptec SCSI controller cards, USB adapter cards, Kingston Memory upgrades - both matched and Value RAM, and we provide Tape Media Cartridges for ALL drives and various other associated products.

Below you will find some mini-sites that have been created to help your browsing experience.

This site is our original archived library of web pages detailing, product, set-up and technical information on the full range of our products.  From tape drives, repairs, barcode equipment, Chase and Digiboard multi user serial cards and Kingston Value RAM and matched memory upgrades.

Please visit our current website CRAYSTONE.CO.UK
or call us on 01204 396301 for more information.

Tandberg Data RDX, LTO, single drives, autoloaders and library systems. Legacy drives - SLR, DLT, SDLT, VS and LTO tape drive technology.
We are an authorised reseller, and Silver Partner, of Tandberg Data tape drives and media cartridges.
Full price list available.

FrancisFrancis espresso coffee machine X1
FrancisFrancis X1 espresso coffee machines

Away from computer hardware, Craystone is the UK number one online retailer of beautiful & stylish espresso coffee machines by FrancisFrancis!  See the popular X1, and the full range of Francis Francis espresso machines, porcelain and Illy coffee pods.  Go on!  Treat yourself at

Craystone offer a comprehensive repair service on a wide range of Tape, LTO, SDLT, AIT, DAT, DLT, Travan, Optical and CD drives.  DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4 DAT drives and DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000 and DLT1 drives, can all be repaired in our extensive workshop using qualified technicians, with 'fixed cost' repair pricing. In addition we specialise in refurbished tape drives for legacy systems and offer associated services; maintenance contracts; data destruction to current regulation standards; data recovery and installation services.

Please visit our current website CRAYSTONE.CO.UK for more information.

Quantum DLT, SDLT, VS DLT, DAT and LTO Tape Drives.

Craystone offers the entire range of Quantum products for sale.

AF Cleaning
AF link here Full range of AF computer cleaning products.  Please contact us for pricing and details.

BENQ Projectors
  Call for pricing on BENQ projectors:
01204 396301
or email,
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