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As you are aware, the STD area codes for Cardiff, Coventry, London, Portsmouth, Southampton and all of Northern Ireland are changing.  Also the codes for mobile phones are about to change, with every mobile number receiving a 07 prefix.  The old and new codes are to run parallel until April 22nd 2000, at which point a significant proportion of your database will be useless.  Vital systems, such as auto-faxing will be seriously affected.

The STDoctor Utility Software is a utility, available from Craystone, to automatically filter through your PICK data files and update these STD codes.

The STDoctor Utility Software will even cure very old pre 01 codes.

For only 99 you can safeguard the health of your database with The STDoctor Utility Software for PICK.

Don't wait until it's too late - and we promise not to tell your other half.
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To find out what your new telephone/mobile code will be, click below:

There is also a 'big number' freephone helpline:
0808 2242000

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