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Chase Multi-Port Serial Cards

Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy
Limited Warranty. Chase Research products carry a limited lifetime parts and labour warranty, that is, Chase Research warrants each new product to be free from defective materials and workmanship and agree to remedy any such defect either by repair or replacement, at Chase Research's discretion, of any unit of Chase Research's manufacture, which under normal installation, use and service, exhibits such defect: provided that the unit is delivered to Chase Research or to a Chase Research authorised service centre, intact, for Chase Research examination, with all transportation charges prepaid, within the serviceable lifetime of the product for which it was purchased by its original purchaser and provided that such examination discloses, in Chase Research's judgement, that it is thus defective. Repair or replacement of the defective part will be sole remedy available under this limited warranty.

The lifetime is the serviceable life of the product. This is defined as the period during which spare parts (components) are available or for a minimum of two years which ever is the longer. Should the product prove to be irreparable, Chase Research reserves the right to substitute an equivalent product.

This warranty does not extend to any products which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, physical damage, incorrect wiring not of our doing, improper installation or testing, unauthorised modification, use in violation of instructions furnished by us or repair by an unauthorised third party.

This warranty will be deemed void, if the products serial number or other identification marks have been defaced, damaged or removed.

Chase Research make no representation of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or of technological value and shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use, inability to use, or failure of any of Chase Research's products.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this warranty.

Product returned to Chase Research must be pre-authorised by Chase Research with an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number marked on the outside of the package and sent prepaid, insured and packaged for safe shipment.

If we determine that the product is not covered by the warranty, then the cost of repair at our then current rate and all transportation costs will be paid by you.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Schedules
Part 1 details what is deemed outside of warranty cover:
Part 2 explains the possible causes & recommended precautions to take to avoid such failures.

Part 1: The following are deemed to be outside of the Limited Lifetime Warranty cover and are therefore treated as chargeable repairs.
Multiple Serial Port Failure
Multiple LAN Port Failure
Non Chase Research Repair Damage
Other Damage
No Fault Found
Track Damage
Part 2:Multiple Port Failure
This is where more than one port has been damaged. Possible causes are listed below:
Plugging a defective peripheral into the port.
Plugging a live peripheral into the port.
Plugging a defective data cable into the port.
An external high voltage being applied - mains surge/lightning strike.
Recommended precautions:
Always switch the peripheral off before connection or disconnection to the port
Never run a product with any port failures, this can in time destroy the unit

Multiple LAN Port Failure
This is where both thick, thin or UTP LAN ports are defective.
Possible caused are listed below:
A high voltage being applied to the LAN cable

Track Damage
Track damage can seriously affect functionality and may result in total breakdown of the product. Possible causes are listed below:
By not taking care when installing / removing a board from a system A high voltage being applied to the unit or power supply
Non-Chase Research Repair Damage
This is where a product has been repaired by an unauthorised third party or where non-approved or incorrect components have been fitted.
Other Damage
Other damage covers problems which are not detailed elsewhere in this document. Possible causes are listed below:
Fluid which contaminates the unit whether by accidental spillage or otherwise
Fire or corrosion
Mechanical damage, i.e. physical damage to casing or connectors
No Fault Found
No fault found covers any product tested that is found to be not faulty and will be subject to a handling charge
In an effort to improve the quality of our products, repairs may have upgrades applied that improve the reliability of the product. All other upgrades such as enhanced features will be chargeable at the applicable rate.

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