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Tandberg SLR40 tape drives.Tandberg Data slr40 Product Information
For professional NT/UNIX workstations and entry level NetWare and NT small business servers, the SLR40 provides an affordable, highly reliable, high performance/ capacity solution providing future scalability and backward compatibility.

Variable Rate RandomizerDesigned for ultimate price/performance and superior reliability the SLR40 offers up to 40GB* storage capacity and up to 21.6GB*/hr transfer rate. Combined with the large 8MB buffer and in-line data compression, the SLR40 offers the best performance in its class. The soft load mechanism prevents unauthorized access and allows integration into the SLR Autoloader with storage capacities up to 320GB.

The standard 5.25-inch half height form factor SLR40 provides easy installation in a half height bay in most PC servers and workstations. The Ultra 2 Wide / LVD/SE SCSI interface allows for installations in both LVD and single operating systems, third part software applications and PC platforms.

The Tandberg SLR40 secures your investment and future capacity and performance needs by offering one of the most scalable tape storage technologies available combined with backward compatibility to previous SLR products.

The Tandberg SLR40 is available as a complete turnkey solution including award winning PC server application software for Windows NT and Novell NetWare or as a drive kit including cable, media, cleaning cartridge and user guide (without software).

Key Facts
SLR40 Yes.Up to 40GB with 21.6GB/hr transfer rate SLR40 Yes.Integration with the SLR Autoloader & up to 320GB capacity
SLR40 Yes.Avg. file access time <35 sec SLR40 Yes.Added security with TapeAlert
SLR40 Yes.Media load time <30 sec SLR40 Yes.Broad platform, operating system and 3rd party tape application support
SLR40 Yes.8MB buffer SLR40 Yes.3-year warranty
SLR40 Yes.In line data compression SLR40 Yes.Features advanced encoding technology
SLR40 Yes.Wide Ultra 2 / LVD/SE SCSI interface


Capacity Transfer Rate (MB/s) Typical File
Access Time
Load Time
Media Compatibility
Native Compressed* Native Compressed* Write Read
20GB 40GB 3 6 <35 sec <30 sec SLRtape40 SLR40 SLR40/32/24/5
* assumes 2:1 data compression.


Item Drive Kit Complete Solutions
Drive Internal External Internal External
CD Software Server Suite (instruction manual on CD) -- -- incl. incl.
Internal SCSI Wide Cable with termination (removable) incl. -- incl. --
External SCSI Wide Cable -- incl. -- incl.
External SCSI terminator (LVD/SE) -- incl. -- incl.
Tape Media Cartridge incl. incl. incl. incl.
Power Cable -- incl. -- incl.
Cleaning Cartridge incl. incl. incl. incl.


Item Drive Kit Complete Solutions
ARCserveIT Single Server Suite: Win2000, NT and Netware. -- incl.
SUN Solaris, AIX, SCO-Unix, UnixWare, UNIX, HP-UX, Linux Supported in Operating System
Macintosh, Windows 98, NT Workstation Support available through other software

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